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Founded in the late 90’s, Bristol Capital is an internationally focused institutional marketing Firm that offers select small public company Clients a platform of services designed to help maximize shareholder value and the effectiveness of their overall investor relations efforts.

International institutional marketing experts


We offer very unique, proactive institutional marketing methodologies as well as traditional investor relations services and strategies for our Clients. Services include:

  1. Global Institutional Distribution, Dialogue and Outreach
  2. Canadian Broker Awareness and Targeting
  3. Comprehensive Regional and International Road Shows


Our relationship is ultimately measured by the value we bring our clients. We pride ourselves in delivering tangible results. By working with Bristol, our clients stand to benefit much more from our marketing efforts vs. working with other competing but less focused companies. Bristol works with only a small group of clients

Client Success Stories

"Bristol Capital was instrumental in helping DHX Media meet a very large audience of institutional investors throughout the United States and Canada.  Prior to engaging Bristol we  worked with three or four different firms before finding one that really worked for us.  We would strongly recommend Bristol to any small Company looking to take charge of its institutional marketing in order to increase its access to portfolio managers across North America."

David Regan
Corporate Development & IR